INDIA vs PAKISTAN T20 World Cup Tickets Fly to Astronomical Prices in Resale Markets- Report

T20 World Cup 2024: The official sale of tickets between Pakistan and India clash are selling quickly and disappear from the official forum. Whereas, the resale platform like StubHub reveals tickets at a shocking price. As we can say INDIA vs PAKISTAN T20 World Cup Tickets Fly to Astronomical Prices in Resale Markets.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 will start on 1st June 2024 and will be hosted by the United States of America and the West Indies. The high-fiver match of this event will be played between arch-rivals, Pakistan vs India in New York, USA. The initial amount of ticket is $6 at the official forum but we are witnessing the largest increase in the ticket price at the resale market.

Resale Market Surges With Astronomical Prices

Tickets for the main encounter are disappearing from the official site and they go into the resale market (Stub Hub & Seat Geek) at shocking prices. The giant clashes like India vs Pakistan, the prices go double or even at shocking prices before the event starts. Cricket fans are worrying about the increase in ticket prices and they may not be able to watch the match between Pakistan and India at the stadium.

VIP Ticket Prices Witness at Unexpected Level

The initial price of VIP tickets for the Pakistan vs India ICC Men’s T20 World Cup match is $400 without taxes on the official forum. The price for this ticket witness at an unexpected level in the resale market, i.e., $40000 without taxes & platform fees. It could go beyond $50000 with the taxes and fees.

Cheapest Resale of Ticket also unjustifiable

The fans are looking for the cheapest ticket for the Pakistan vs India match and it is also far from their budgets. The ticket price for this gigantic match at the Stub Hub is $1259, which is slightly higher than the Seat Geek price. Seat Geek offers the lowest price i.e., $1166 which is also higher than the original price.

INDIA vs PAKISTAN T20 World Cup Tickets

Comparison with Major Sporting Events in the United States of America

The India vs Pakistan clash set a new record for ticket prices in the resale market among the different sporting events in the United States of America. The average ticket price for the World Series last year was around $1100 and the average price for the Super Bowl reached $9000. Among these prices, Pakistan vs India clash sets a new record for ticket prices in the USA.

Extreme Inflation in the Resale Market

The analyst witness the extreme inflation in the resale market of ICC T20 World Cup 2024’s tickets. The prices can hit $175000, which is around 1.4 Crore INR & 4.9 Crore PKR. Fans can witness the highest amount of ticket between the Arch-Rival clashes in term of dollars, Indian Rupees and Pak Rupees. The current price of the ticket is around $50000 which is 41 Lakhs in INR & 1.4 Crore in PKR.

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